Thursday, November 10, 2005

Democrats and Liberals Need to Begin to Think Outside the Box

It maybe necessary for you to set aside political labels and think open-mindedly if this piece is to make any sense. Political labels are perhaps one of the most difficult problems sometimes when attempting to make political progress. We often dismiss an idea if it is labeled as conservative or liberal based on our personal political barometer. Even if it is a good idea that has demonstrated it will work to improve the common good. Being closed minded, we are often reluctant to judge the value of a tree by the fruit it actually has or may bare.

Nothing is more frustrating then having to listen to liberals who continue to think that irrelevant themes, philosophy and programs should continue to play a part in the future make-up of the party. The party of the people must do some serious self-examination and be open minded, innovative, and bold. We must be willing to think outside the box if we expect to lead this nation in the future or continue to be a viable majority party able to elect people to lead our nation.

We must be willing to jettisoning themes, programs and attitudes that won’t work in modern America or make us a brand X version of the Republican Party. We must be honest with ourselves about what we want the party to represent in the future and not be afraid to talk about it openly even if it is controversial.

It’s frustrating to listen to Air America’s hyperbolical sophomoric rhetoric sometimes that seems so pervasive these days and which many liberals have taken up as an acceptable form of “liberal speak” when talking about how much they “hate” conservative and Republican ideas or personalities.

It is important that we demonstrate a variety of new ideas and a vision of those ideas in play that American voters can support at the ballot box. We must chart a course to higher ground.

Here is a laundry list of attitudes and ideas that may need to be considered. I realize I may get in trouble with some of these ideas but think that they need to be placed out in the open. I see them as ideas or tendencies that "good" Democrats are often afraid to admit or even think aloud about.

  • Demonstrating tolerance and respect of conservatives ideas if they work
  • Stop putting down conservatives because we think they lack intelligent. Forever, referring to Bush and other republican leaders as stupid rather then incompetent or simply misguided.
  • Acting like snobs by thinking we, as democrats or liberals, are somehow better then and more intelligent than conservatives just because we think liberally.
  • Not being tolerant of conservative Christians or other organized religion
  • Being condesending to people who believe in God
  • Thinking big government programs will solve all our problems
  • Not supporting realistic tax breaks for business that will stimulate economic growth and create jobs
  • Not promoting personal responsibility or a willingness to see that people ultimately must be responsible for their actions
  • Be willing to cut waste in government when needed
  • Cutting bureaucracy and red tape
  • Isolationist foreign policies
  • Opposing free trade even if it protects working conditions, worker rights and the environment.
  • Supporting a strong military
  • Thinking government can solve all personal and social problems
  • Thinking the government owes us a living
  • Patronizing ethnic minorities
  • Overlooking union corruption and cronyism
  • Political correctness
  • Pandering to gay rights or abortion rights groups by overemphasizing their struggles at the expense of more relevant issues that affect a wider majority of the people. Thus becoming a one or two issue political party in the minds of potential voters who are neither gay or will every need or consider having an abortion.
  • Being condescending and/or patronizing towards working class people

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