Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush Says Kyoto Protocols Not Needed Do To End of World

Once again the Bush Administration chooses to ignore world concerns about global warming by not sending a representative from the United States to a meeting of world leaders on the subject that is being held this week in Montreal. Instead he issued a statement addressed to Governors of the Gulf States telling them to begin immediate preparations for hurricane Omega. Which is expected to hit sometime next fall. He also indicated in the letter to the Governors that it looks like they'd have to "go it alone" and not to expect too much help from Washington.

It’s expected that the National Hurricane Service will quickly use up all the names for hurricanes based on the regular alphabet, as is the practice, and be all of the way through the Greek alphabet to Omega by Fall 2006.

In spite of lots of scientific evidence that the increased number and severity of hurricanes may be related to global warming, the Bush administration has determined that it just doesn’t matter. Any preparation would be a “waste of time” since the president and first lady Laura Bush have determined that the “end of the world” is just around the corner anyway.

In a controversial related move it is reported that Pat Robertson will soon be appointed to head the EPA. According to press reports the administration is leaning towards appointing Robertson over Bob Snaglefuss who, up until recently, had been the janitor in charge of cleaning the west wing of the White House. Vice President Cheney branded members of the media who recently claimed Snaglefuss lacked the qualifications to head the agency “irresponsible cowards and mommas boys”. The controversy has apparently created white house infighting between the end times faction and Cheney’s chief of Staff.

Here is the Bush administration record on global warming provided by the National Resources Defense Council starting with the most recent lack of action:

  • Bush fails to send US representative to meeting in Montreal to discuss global warming progress Novemer 28, 2005:
  • Bush admits humans cause global warming, but rebuffs action July 06, 2005:
  • EPA scuttled global warming videos to avoid White House wrath July 01, 2005:
  • White House whitewashes global warming data June 08, 2005:
  • Bush points to technology as key to climate change fix February 17, 2005:
  • EPA environmental report to include global warming data February 03, 2005:
  • Bush administration impedes progress at international global warming talks
  • December 18, 2004:
  • Bush administration accepts global warming science but balks at solutions November 24, 2004:
  • Bush administration agrees to capture methane gas November 16, 2004:
  • Bush administration ignoring scientific evidence on global warming November 08, 2004:
  • Top EPA air official tells industries it will need to reduce greenhouse gases October 12, 2004:
  • Bush administration slashes funding for global warming research June 03, 2004:
  • EPA will cover climate change, for a change June 02, 2004:
  • Bush administration claims it's misunderstood on global warming May 10, 2004:
  • Secret Pentagon report details global warming threat February 22, 2004:
  • Scientists accuse White House of distorting science on global warming for political gains February 18, 2004:
  • Court upholds stronger energy-efficiency standards January 13, 2004:
  • Bush's global warming plan produces negligible results January 01, 2004:
  • Bush administration seeks increase in use of ozone-depleting pesticide November 14, 2003:
  • White House plays down global warming evidence September 21, 2003:
  • EPA passes the buck on regulating global warming pollution from cars August 28, 2003:
  • EPA on global warming gases: Bring 'em on! August 28, 2003:
  • Bush climate plan all study, no action July 24, 2003:
  • White House whitewashes EPA environment report June 23, 2003:
  • Scientists debunk Bush's global warming plan February 25, 2003:
  • White House ordered to reveal climate change documents February 21, 2003:
  • White House gets industry support for voluntary pollution cuts February 12, 2003:
  • Bush administration fosters policy of delay on global warming December 04, 2002:
  • EPA omits global warming section from pollution report September 15, 2002:
  • Bush administration stalls on global warming solution July 10, 2002:
  • Bush and Whitman distance themselves from EPA global warming report June 12, 2002:
  • Bush administration finally admits big trouble from global warming June 03, 2002:
  • Bush administration ousts top global warming scientist April 19, 2002:
  • Bush clean air plan would boost coal use April 17, 2002:
  • Bush administration trying to dump global warming scientist April 02, 2002:
  • White House global warming plan "cooks the books" February 14, 2002:
  • Bush unlikely to offer alternative global warming plan July 26, 2001:
  • NRDC praises global warming agreement; calls on Bush to reconsider July 23, 2001:
  • Bush outlines an 'all talk, no action' approach to global warming July 13, 2001:
  • Bush budget cuts for international global warming programs more significant than reported July 12, 2001:
  • NRDC to President Bush: Get serious about global warming June 11, 2001:
  • Bush administration rejects Kyoto Protocol March 28, 2001:
  • Bush retreats from campaign promise to reduce carbon pollution March 13, 2001

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