Saturday, November 05, 2005

Washington State Republicans Stoop to New Low By Violating Your Sacred Right to Vote

The Washington State Republican Party, still smarting from the loss of a close election for Governor last year, has now stooped to a new low.

These Republican wing nuts recently challenged the voting rights of more than 1900 King County residents based on their mistaken belief that addresses recorded in county records by these citizens were phony. This election-eve ploy I suspect is really intended to create the appearance that there is something wrong with the way King County conducts elections. An issue that republicans still smart from after losing the gubernatorial election last year and that the Republicans have continued to whine about endlessly. Now carrying these frivolous and old hat charges into this election season.

The main motivation seems to be the need for the republicans to create the perception in the minds of voters that the election problems of last fall have not been corrected, or that someone is playing fast and loose with the ballots. The issue is also one of the main topics in a tight election for King County Executive. If voters do buy into the lie it maybe enough to swing the election for the executive in the favor of these right wing kooks.

In this case the only ones playing fast and loose are the republicans. The timing and brazen nature of this action by the Washington State Republicans hits at the very core of a citizen’s right to vote. That’s the sacred right to vote that these “red necks ” would soil their pants over if it were THIER right to vote being challenged.

The timing of the challenge gives those challenged little time to correct the mistakes prior to the election and little time for officials to respond to the substance of the challenges. Which I presume will, much like other recent republican challenges, turn out to be baseless or a tempest in a teapot.

The disgusting part of this republican ploy is that the GOP now appear to be ready to go to any lengths to actually restrict the rights of legal voters in King County if it is politically expedient. Not a whole hell of a lot different then the “Jim Crows” in the old South putting down the black vote is my way of looking at it.

I say a curse on all these incompetent fascists houses. I further recommended to any person who’s right to vote was challenged that you should be looking into suing the republican party for damages related to a violation of your civil rights and/or voting rights. I’m sure there are good lawyers out there who be more that happy to take up your case.


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