Saturday, February 26, 2011

Which Republican Senator Is Blocking The Whistleblower Protection Act?

The question is who killed the Whistleblower Protection Act?  Apparently one of 5 possible Republican US Senators has put an anonymous hold on the legislation. Since my family comes from a long line of rabble-rousers what could be more appropriate and  natural than having my daughter start a facebook page that's trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. By the way where the hell is the MSM on this story? Cue the crickets here.

The story behind the story is supposedly that this legislation was sailing along till the WikiLeaks shit hit the fan and suddenly some conservative Senator decided that knowing what our government may be doing or increasing the chance for some accountability wasn't important anymore. The Obama Justice Department is also up to it's elbows it appears with their hysteria about suppressing would be leakers and the people who protect the leakers since WikiLeaks opened a can of whoop ass on them. Come on Obama, we knew this shit was going on. Who are you trying to fool?  Colbert did a classic piece on the subject last night on his show.

As late as December of last year the Whistleblower Protection Act was receiving near unanimous support in both houses of Congress when a mysterious and anonymous Senator put a hold on the bill.  We just want to know who the freaking Senator really is..... we want you to think of ways to help us do that. Like the facebook page for starters and then go out form a union and organize a general strike in you neighborhood. I'm not kidding. 


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    Great Post! Miuchos Gracias.

    Your daughter is hawt!


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    Carwinb needs to learn how to spell.