Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Rightwing's Koch (Coke) Habit Is Killing America

"they are long time very hard line libertarians, so their private agenda is really the eradication of the federal government in almost all of its forms ..... their trying to get rid of federal regulations particularly on energy companies like their own, they particularly have been at war with environmental regulations and they have a history of serious and even criminal pollution problems, and their very anti-tax in almost every form." Jan Mayer
The Koch brothers, Charles and David, are assholes and a case study of American corporate power run amok. Selfish billionaire robber barons who's actions show they only care about their own selfish agenda even if it could mean the destruction of the environment and eventually working people's quality of life.

The brothers effectively now control the US House Energy and Commerce Committee with 9 of the 12 Republicans signing a pledge put forth by the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity political action group. The brothers are also the single biggest contributor, in the amount given by a energy company, to individual committee members.

With 100 Billion in annual revenue Koch Industries funds the Tea Party and other extreme right wing front organizations and uses them as shills to push the Koch's corporate agenda. They own Dixie Cup Products, Northern bathroom tissue, Vanity Fair napkins, Stain-master and Lycra carpets, Georgia Pacific, Brawny paper towels and refineries in several states. So you should take those products off your shopping lists. Ironically,  Koch Industries have received 100 million in US government contracts, which doesn't seem to bother their libertarian conscience.

NPR's Fresh Air has a great interview with Jan Mayer who has written extensively for the New Yorker Magazine on these weasels.

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