Friday, February 18, 2011

The Middle Class Disconnect: While Fat Cats Rob The Tax Payers Blind And Pay Little In Taxes Unions Attacked For Fighting For What Amounts To Table Crumbs

Why do middle class working people turn on members of the community who belong to unions when these people are brave enough to organize together collectively and bargain for fair treatment from their employers, it doesn't matter if the employer is public sector or not. Why are non-union workers trying to drag union members and their families down. Is it jealousy of working conditions that are better due to collective bargaining. Does misery love company?

Weak, marginalized, underpaid, without health insurance, a living pension, defeated, overworked and alienated. Sitting their watching Fox News lie about unions and directing their misguide rage at other workers instead of their real enemy. The out of control corporations and selfish conservatives who would have us all working for minimum wage and not much else if they could get away with it. 

Bitching about government workers who "make to much" is their favorite pastime. Meanwhile they are happy to kiss their employer's ass while they take it in the backside when it comes to their wages and working conditions. To ignorant, afraid or jealous to see the benefit of joining in solidarity with other workers to exercise power collectively. They would rather believe the anti-worker and anti-union bullshit they get fed unrelentingly by the corporate media.

Yes is no and no is yes, war is peace. Thank you George Orwell. Please think for your fucking self for once in your life. This isn't rocket science.

Since when was it not American for someone to fight for a decent amount of money to support their family or provide for their own and their family's medical needs? Don't these middle class shills see that they are being robbed blind, poisoned, abused, and manipulated by corporations that employ them, while at the same time these same corporations refuse to pay their fair share in taxes, or play by the same set of rules that they expect the working people to play by.

Wake up you fools! Smell the fucking coffee. Are you going to be tools of the corporations and the selfish political entities who exploit you on a daily basis all your life?

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