Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ronald Reagan Fail

There have been a number of retrospective looks at the presidency of Ronald Reagan on the occasion of what would of been his 100 birthday. Most conservatives think he belongs on Mount Rushmore.

Really Reagan deserves to be called the phony prick and corporate shill he turned out to be. He presided over the beginnings of the systematic dismantling of the quality of life for most folks in this country through the destruction on his watch of laws that were set up to protect the middle class. A pattern that has continued pretty much unabated since he left office, but the point is he got the ball rolling. The right-wingers get near orgasmic when waxing on about the Gipper and the bullshit machine continues to spew out the mythological crap about this puppet of the corporate oligarchy non stop.

I beleive that the wide disparity we find between the super rich and the middle class in the distribution of wealth in this country began to widen because of policies that Reagan embraced. Trick down economics being the main bowl of warm shit served up. He opened the government to corporate influence and power while restricting the power of organizations and labor unions that advocated for the middle class. Think progress has a fine article on the 10 things conservatives don't want you to know about Ronald Reagan.

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