Monday, April 27, 2009

My Little Pontiac GTO

Back when Americans made things that had a certain quality their was GM's Pontiac. These were damn good cars. Yes they guzzled gas, but at 32 cents a gallon who cared. The concern for good gas mileage , in due course, came later. The sheet metal was thick and the durability and quality of the cars was considered to be the best in the world of consumer cars. Nowadays you can't even get a stapler made in America that will go through more then two sheets of papers without getting jammed. Then Japanese and other foreign automobiles were considered inferior. Boy have things changed.

General Motors announce today that it was discontinuing the Pontiac Model line as part of bankruptcy reorganization. I have sweet spot in my heart for Pontiac. My mother loved Pontiacs and bought a 1958 Bonneville 2 door hard top. She occasionally let me take the car on a spin. Invariably I’d take it to cruise the Golden Gardens or Alki beach in the summer making sure the kids I hung out with saw me. Pat Sloan, my best buddy in high school, dad had a 1959 Bonneville 2 door hardtop that he spent many a Friday night burning rubber with as we left the local Dag’s or Dick’s drive in.

Pontiacs were later known for power and torque muscle cars like the GTO. I owned a 1964 GTO for about a year that I impulsively sold one day because a GTO nut made a offer that I couldn’t refuse and I needed beer money.

With the announcement today by GM I sure it’s must be a sad day for Pontiac lovers everywhere.

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  1. i watched "counters at the end of the world" last night. i learned that 90% of languages will be lost by the end of my life time... for some reason, the loss of language (ultimately different cultures) is slightly more important than the loss of cool cars. it is sad about the pontiac, don't get me wrong. i just wish the media gave the loss of languages the same coverage. they'd get a story every other week! that's the rate we're losing them.