Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tea Bag Your Tea Bag

My niece inadvertently posted an announcement in my facebook news feed about how I should consider attending a local tea party to protest high taxes, government bailouts and "the pork".

I fired back that apparently she hadn't gotten the memo that being a nitwit isn't allowed in our family. She responded that her husband had misappropriated the use of her account on facebook and posted the right wing drivel. "Obviously too much something of the AM radio persuasion", she offered. I'm not sure what his source is, but it's apparent he loves Glenn Beck and tends to believe all the bullshit you normally find on FOX News, where Beck has free reign to make up shit as he goes along and put it out there into the national intellect.

Beck's main message lately is that the Obama administration is really just a fascist plot to destroy America. In actuality Beck and some right wing radio personalities represent plain old fashion demagoguery the likes of which we've seen before during the era of Joe McCarthy or Father Coughlin. Unfortunately, it appears most of these folks who buy into this crap don't know the difference. But grassroots movement it's really not. Simply explained, it is corporate America using the marginally informed to centralize it's power so it can fuck them over some more. Wake up and smell the fucking coffee people!

What's worse is I have a growing fear that nuts like Beck maybe inflaming the unstable and unbalanced fringe elements of the right into doing the unthinkable. The question is who gets shot next. I believe that conservatives have the right to speak their mind. They can complain as much as they like. They should organize and protest if motivated to do so. But thinking and fact finding are also important. Most of these people are actually protesting against things the government is doing that are actually in their own interest. They end up protecting the corporate and conservative oligarchy and only prolonging their own exploitation by these powerful elements.

It's not a big surprise that wingnuts are unable to separate fact from fiction. Shrinking numbers of right wing diehards egged on by FOX News and other conservative radio talk nitwits blindly protest tax increases when most of them will get a tax cut in Obama's new budget if they make under $250K. They oppose reforming health care coverage when many of them are uninsured or paying skyrocketing medical costs. They protest bailouts but offer no alternative to stimulate the economy. Protest pork when it is a small portion of the real problem with government spending, if it is in fact a problem at all. My congressional district or State's pork is good and yours is bad I guess. No one has convinced me that pork barrel spending is a bad thing. It's just another easy target for right wing ditto heads.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but you'd think that these people would see their being boondoggled again by the same criminals and nitwits who created the real crisis with are living in today.

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