Thursday, April 30, 2009

Condi Says If The President Authorizes Torture It's Okay

The Young Turks produced this excellent cell phone capture video from a meeting with students at Stanford University where former Secretary of State Condi Rice, in the style of the trailer of the Frost-Nixon movie, states in so many words, "if the President authorizes torture it's okay." Extraordinary!

God I'm sick of the main stream media enabling the authorization of torture, by using the rationalization that if it worked, which is questionable, irrelevant and probably a lie, it is somehow justified. It's a god damn crime people! If you rob a bank, the cops don't let you go if your successful, like the constitutional law professor has pointed out. IT'S A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL LAW GET IT. We are a nation of laws. Justice is blind.

I'm going to vomit on the TV the next time Chris Matthews, or some other supposedly well informed news anchor, claims torture is justified because a polls says 62% of the dumb ass uninformed citizens say it's so. Have we become a nation of retards who can't put 2 and 2 together when it comes to enforcing the law. Ask yourself, are we going to leave it to a Spanish court to enforce the law and prosecute the criminals who authorized torture?

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