Monday, April 27, 2009

1918 Influenza Pandemic Could It Happen Again?

The answer is yes! The only question is the new outbreak of swine flu currently centered in Mexico the begining of the modern pandemic. Hear a podcast synopsis from the PBS American Experience documentary Influenza 1918.

In 1918 people around the world soon came to the realization that nothing could stop the spread of this common and deadly Spanish flu. Medical science, limited in it's understanding of the virus, was unable to find a cure. Has our complacency, and our modern human egos once again put us at risk of making the same mistake of underestimating the killing power of such a flu pandemic?

Republicans moderates demanded we cut 870 million dollars from the stimulus package aimed directly at research and preparation for such a flu pandemic. Carl Rove howled about wasting taxpayers money on pork. Now they look like the dumb assholes that they actually are.

I wrote about Bush administration pandemic preparation foot dragging nearly 4 years ago. The problem with Republicans is they fail to see that government is the last
defense against a medical crisis of this nature. It's every rich bastard for himself or herself with them. They figure their not going to be the ones that die. As it is in their dirty little wars that's for us unwashed masses out here to do.

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