Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will The People Complaining About Snow Removal In Seattle Please Shut The F@#k Up!

The newest rehashing of the controversy about the winter snow storms is the investigative news reporting in a Seattle Times article pointing out that City officials apparently didn’t have a workable snow removal plan in place when Seattle turned into Montana for about a month this last winter. So tell us something we don't know. Hello everyone, Seattle doesn’t really have snow in the winter usually, so why would the city put lots of scares tax dollars or manpower aside for these type of services. Then they'd surely be accused of not having their priorities straight.

Plus who the hell really anticipated the enormous amount of snow that fell and remained during that two to three week period that ended up paralyzing the city for much of the time when it was happening. I say stop your damn bitching you spoil self-centered, and most likely transplanted complainers. “My driveway was block and I can get out, and my street is slippery and it’s so bad I can’t drive my SUV to work”. Well too fucking bad for you buddy! It’s all so typically part of the modern American way of getting hung up on the small shit. Or complaining because your not personally getting your way.

Historically speaking this last winter has got to be one of the worst years for snow accumulation this region has seen here in years. I personally think it was the worst, and I was born and raised here. But instead of being seen as a weather anomaly, like it probably should be, it will for sure be likely fodder for someone who wants to beat up on the Mayor or the city in the upcoming mayoral campaign or city council elections.

I say grow a pair and stop complaining about this shit, and next time be ready with your own personal transportation disaster plan for snow. In that way you'll be demonstrating some self-reliance which is more historically what real Washingtonians do .

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