Friday, March 13, 2009

Earmarks Are A Good Thing

John McCain why don't you shut the F*@k up, or at least tell your fellow Republicans to practice what they freaking preach. McCain has made a career out of complaining about money earmarked for such things as beaver management. But what McCain does not tell you is the $650,000 spend on that project ends up preventing $5 million in potential damage done by beavers in North Carolina. If I hear him use that line about studying bears DNA in Montana again I'll probably puke all over my TV set.

Sure there are bad earmarks but in the big scheme of things the money spent on earmarks is a drop in the bucket compared to the billions wasted in bottomless pits like military spending or money for phony wars in Iraq or elsewhere. Most of the things that gets done because of earmarks are good, not bad. It sound like you give a shit about spending when you bitch about earmarks but it's just phony political theater.

When a Congressman or Senator brought home the bacon in the form of a earmark in the old days it meant jobs and capitol projects getting built, and probably their reelection. Now the phony Republicans with not much else to offer have turned earmarks into a negative. Bring on the damn earmarks as far as I'm concerned and stop this hypocrisy. The real argument should be about transparency when it comes to earmarks, not banning them.

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