Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Seattle's Moisture Festival Opens Four Week Run March 11th

Sally Pepper - photo by Michelle Bates

Now for something close to my heart. That would be Seattle's very own Moisture Festival, now about to enter it's sixth season when it opens with a Gala performance March 11th at A Contemporary Theater, ACT downtown .

The Moisture festival brings variete and burleseque performers together from around the world and to Seattle for this four week long festival. The festival has become one of the largest vaudeville, burlesque and variete festivals of it's kind in the world. The Stranger newspaper awarded the Moisture Festival one of it's Genius Awards in 2007. Often called the poor person's Thetro Zinzani, the festival has earned a reputation, high praise and the willing participation of some of the best variete and burlesque acts found in this unique area of theatrical performance. Here's more information on the the line-up of variete and burlesque artists at this year festival and you can find information on how to get your hands on tickets here.

The festival is a celebration of the renewal of the vaudeville genre while also being a unique Seattle centric community and world renowned arts festival. The Moisture Festival was started six years ago by performers and for performers. The Moisture festival is a non profit organization and the proceeds from festival ticket sales are basically shared by the performers after overhead and other expenses are paid. The festival also receives support from outside sponsorships, grants and a large number of volunteers.

This year the Moisture Festival has also added a film festival aspect with the involvement of SIFF. The Seattle International Film Festival aspect will feature vaudeville comedy variete and burlesque related films at SIFF's Seattle Center movie theater during the festival. The films should be a special treat for vaudeville and burlesque buffs and historians of the genre.

The festival opens at ACT theater downtown with a Gala March 11th. ACT shows will offer a combination of Burlesque and Variete show performances. The festival will then move to the 250 seat Hale's Palladium in Fremont March 19th for the final 3 weeks through April 5th. The festival is especially well and widely known for bringing some of the finest and most talented Burlesque artists together to showcase their acts before larger audiences in a traditional theater setting. Also the festival has a heavy emphasis on aerial performers being presented in a way that is visually stimulating and theatrical. Every show features a least one aerial act. There are also a number of benefit shows, workshops and other special events incorporated into the festival, also weekend matinees that tend to be orientated more to the children and family friendly type of audience. All Moisture Festival variete shows are acceptable for families with children, while the burlesque shows are limited to adults.

The festival has been known to sell out early and often, so I suggest you get your tickets early and I hope to see you there.

Have a great Moisture festival in 2009!

Danny O'Brien
Moisture Festival Artist Liaison

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