Thursday, March 05, 2009

John Steward Takes On The Rick Santelli's And Cramer's Of The World

Proving once again that if you take financial advise or rely on insightful commentary from these CNBC yahoos your in trouble..... This is just too good not to post again just in case you haven't seen it.


  1. You're correct in thinking that Santelli's rant was misplaced (and really just plain wrong). He seemed to be expressing the basic visceral reaction many people have to anything hinting of a "bailout". However, Cramer's been correct irt the economy for a very long time. Cramer's rant turned out to be a very accurate description of what was coming. He correctly warned of the serious economic problem we were headed for. At the same time he correctly called out Mr. Pool for stupidly being the dissenting vote that thought the Fed should be "raising" interest rates as we were approaching this crisis... Cramer warned people to take out any money they needed for the next 5yrs when the mkt was much higher too.

    Over a yr ago Cramer had a fix for housing that would've helped keep the economy from falling apart "if" it was done back then. Why would it have done this? Because fixing the housing mkt back then would've kept the assets associated with real estate from becoming "toxic". With non toxic assets the financial companies wouldn't have collapsed... Cramer's plan wasn't taken as necessary because: not enough people believed the housing mkt could fall apart bad enough to kill the financial industry and overall economy. Also, you can't get most people to understand how future events will play out "before it happens" because people typically don't try to fix something until it's too late. If they'd only listened to Cramer back then...

    You might want to check your facts before you start getting on the bandwagon of political comedy shows...

    Both the Bush & Obama administrations have missed the mark irt what needs to be done iot fix the economy.

    Unfortunately, the stimulus package passed in Jan had too much bottom up and not enough top down. You have to blame whichever party is in charge for this happening and right now that's the democrats (led by Pelosi). They really needed to add more top down stimulus to balance the package and make it successful but they allowed the political "axe to grind" politics get in the way of doing what was needed for America. The republicans have done similar "axe grinding" things in the past but with what's at stake it sure would've been nice to see "SOMEONE" be the bigger person... Is Pelosi "really" the best person that could be picked to be "the leader”…? Good grief

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