Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shocking McCain Smoking Ragweed Filled Republican Bong (Photo)

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Egotistical pork barrel fixated Senator John McCain's antics on the floor of the Senate this week show that he is nothing but a self involved corporate whore. The problem with McCain is that he actually believes his own phony press clippings. President Obama hero worshiping of McCain while trying to be post partisan has only emboldened the egocentric old fart.

Listening to McCain's and the Republican's tired old rhetoric is like finding out your smoking ragweed when your thought you bought BC bud. You smoke it and nothing happens and the dealer is long gone with your cash.

Let's face it McCain built his reputation and hero status more through family connections then distinguished service. My daddy the admiral. It's the worst kind of hero worship. Had it not been for Admiral daddy and granddaddy, naval officer McCain would not have made it through or even gained admittance to the Naval Academy in the first place. Born on third base with a silver spoon in his mouth while most of the rest of us have to earn our way through life.

I'm sick of the contrived hero worship of this weasel. McCain record as an all American shill who tried to remove the buy American provision from the stimulus bill the other day and works tirelessly to obstruct progress when his real objective is to be seen as the head obstructionist for his stupid hillbilly ideas party. In other words he'd steal food from the mouths of babies if it meant he could score political points. There he stands on the Senate floor spouting more Republican outdated bullshit.

John you lost so don't stand in the doorway and bloc up the hall and just try for once to have a original thought based on what's actually going on in the twenty-first century.

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