Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Republicans Thinking In Analog Democrat Thinking In Digital

Maybe the Republicans need to get one of those converter boxes before the deadline?

While knocking the stimulus package during his response to the state of the union address Governor Jindal said, “Instead Of Monitoring Volcanoes, we should be monitoring the eruption of spending in Washington.” Wait a minute Governor no ideas; people here in the State of Washington may think, then we should also stop monitoring hurricanes. But, I think what we all are being forced to monitor is more like a Republican Party deathwatch.

I was having dinner with my thirty something daughter and my son in law the other night, and admiring their beautiful new baby girl. My daughter is typical of many of her generation of thirty somethings, somewhat tech nerdy and smart. well educated and results orientated. They are not so inclined to take sides, left or right, as quickly as we of the baby boom generation are.

Simply put they, like President Obama, just want to get things done. This is why most of them are now joining the growing base of the Democratic Party and support the new President’s forward thinking and modern solutions to the problems we face as a nation.

We were talking about the state of politics and I was waxing on with the usual left wing talking points thinking how obvious could it be. She simply countered with, “ it’s the way they think, it’s out of date, their thinking is really from another era. Yet they try and apply it to today’s problems”.

I thought that’s it, it's like the Republicans thinking is analog and the Democrats is digital.

One of the things that always bugged me the most about 8 years of George W. Bush was the overwhelming feeling of time being wasted. Things needed addressing here and now, yet Bush and the Republicans ignored the obvious, stuck in their tired ideology and rhetoric. Protecting corporate America and the rich oligarchy was more important than solving real problems in the end. People died, things regressed, crises when unaddressed.

Ignore the need to reduce our need for foreign oil or to produce energy from clean energy sources. Refuse to reform health care and provide a real national health insurance program. Instead we got more of the same old programs that only protected and enriched the rich, disguised as reform. We hate change; it’s every (rich) man and woman for themselves was their real mantra. Even the war in Iraq’s main justification was based on a desire and old idea that unlimited access to a source for more oil is what we need. Such were the distorted and misleading ideas of these Republicans.

Even after serious loses in the last two national elections Republicans continue to believe in their out of date stale and unworkable ideas. They waste every thinking person’s right to a brighter future.

The end maybe near for these out dated old white men and their obstructionist party.

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