Monday, February 02, 2009

Keep It Simple Stupid Pelosi and Reid Losing Public Relations Battle On Stimulus

In a continuing example of their lack of leadership and political skill, Senate majority leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are losing the public relations battle on the benefit of passing the economic stimulus package in a form favored by the Democrats, and more importantly most Americans I think.

Pelosi and Reid have been criticized for allowing millions of dollars of non stimulus items into the package by Republicans. Things like millions for providing family planning which would provide such things as condoms, replacing the lawn on the national mall, providing STD education and public sponsored smoking succession campaigns.

I tend to strongly agree.

I realize that many of these programs have validity or are being overstated by the Republicans but, let’s face it they are difficult to politically nuance in the forum of public opinion. Pelosi and Reid should of known better and kept the massive bill focused on job creation, infrastructure, transportation, school reconstruction, computerizing health records, broadband, renewable energy, mass transit, funding State shortfalls due to the downturn, the housing market related crisis, safety net issues like unemployment compensation, food stamps, tax relief for middle income the elderly and small business and just kept it simple focusing on things that fucking relate directly to INFRASTRUCTURE repair AND JOB CREATION.

But no!

Not on their pet projects and politically correct borderline catch as catch can partisan oldies but goodies. The time for such items should come later in bills specifically focused on those areas. Pelosi and Reid are pitching public relations softballs for the Republicans to knock out of the park. There is a time to reap and a time to sow and Pelosi and Reid have never been very good at reading the mood of the country's tea leaves. Both take two steps forward and one step back based on sticking their finger in the air to read what they determine is the direction and course of least resistance prevailing political head wind.

They're the worst kind of cliche of the political hack. Unfortunately we must, for some reason that continues to escape me, depend on their leadership in these difficult times. Is there no Democrats more qualified in the House or Senate to replace these tools.

They've once again demonstrated their lack of perspective as Democratic leaders by allowed the bill to be loaded up with a number of marginal items that, a reasonable man could argued, are not directly related to job creation or the emergency needs of the large number of newly unemployed or tax code changing stimulus.

In this first major test of leadership the Republicans are using these politically unpopular items in the stimulus to discredit the entire package and the President ability to get things done.

This is further proof that Reid and Pelosi are not the type of bold qualify leaders that we need in the Congress now that the Democrats have gained enough power to do good and reverse years of bungling. It seems everything they touch turns immediately to shit because of their tendency towards predictable behavior as the political hacks they are, who lack vision, insight, boldness or credibility.

The President even went so far as to have many of the items that Pelosi and Reid allowed into the legislation removed to appease Republicans in hopes of moving the legislation closer to passage. The President apparently realizes that the bill is supposed to be aimed at job creation, and not Nancy and Harry's pet project stimulation.

Pelosi still doesn’t get it, and looking like a deer in the head lights when interviewed on TV continues to try and make political points with the far left by defending much of the original proposal and the need for more condoms, instead of seeing the situation as it really is and working to get a bill passed that create jobs and stimulates the economy.

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