Sunday, February 08, 2009

Here's The List Of Items That The Dumb Ass Gutless Bipartisan Senators Cut From The Stimulus

Below is the list of items cut by the Senate from the Stimulus Package. Trying to be open-minded, I've highlighted in red the items I think should of stayed. Frankly I can't see too many things I'd cut except maybe the money for Coast Guard cutters. I'm mad as hell. Why is it that Republicans can spend untold billions on these fucking wars and granting tax cuts for the rich, but then somehow justify their argument that we should spend nothing on actual things that create jobs and maintain our quality of life. Yes items like school reconstruction and help for beleaguered States are being cut. Plain and simple it's just stupidity and dumb ass limbaughillbilly politics. Call your Senator and Congressman and tell them to restore the bulk of these items. Screw what the Republicans want, their freaking wrong. In fact they should add a few more expenditures like this one for rapid transit. Lets build some shit people.

Where's Al Franken we need his vote now.

Partially cut:

$3.5 billion for energy-efficient federal buildings (original bill $7 billion)
• $75 million from Smithsonian (original bill $150 million)
$200 million from Environmental Protection Agency Superfund (original bill $800 million)
• $100 million from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (original bill $427 million)
• $100 million from law enforcement wireless (original bill $200 million)
$300 million from federal fleet of hybrid vehicles (original bill $600 million)
• $100 million from FBI construction (original bill $400 million)

Fully eliminated

• $55 million for historic preservation
• $122 million for new Coast Guard polar icebreaker/cutters
• $100 million for Farm Service Agency modernization
• $50 million for CSERES research
$65 million for watershed rehabilitation
• $30 million for SD salaries
• $100 million for distance learning
• $98 million for school nutrition
$50 million for aquaculture
$2 billion for broadband
• $100 million for NIST
• $50 million for detention trustee
• $25 million for Marshalls Construction
• $300 million for federal prisons
• $300 million for BYRNE Formula
• $140 million for BYRNE Competitive
• $10 million state and local law enforcement
• $50 million for NASA
• $50 million for aeronautics
• $50 million for exploration
• $50 million for Cross Agency Support
• $200 million for National Science Foundation
• $100 million for science
$1 billion for Energy Loan Guarantees
• $4.5 billion for GSA
• $89 million GSA operations
• $50 million from DHS
• $200 million TSA
• $122 million for Coast Guard Cutters, modifies use
• $25 million for Fish and Wildlife
• $55 million for historic preservation
• $20 million for working capital fund
$165 million for Forest Service capital improvement
$90 million for State and Private Wildlife Fire Management
$1 billion for Head Start/Early Start
$5.8 billion for Health Prevention Activity
• $2 billion for HIT Grants
• $600 million for Title I (NCLB)
• $16 billion for school construction
$3.5 billion for higher education construction
• $1.25 billion for project based rental
$2.25 billion for Neighborhood Stabilization
• $1.2 billion for retrofitting Project 8 housing
$40 billion for state fiscal stabilization (includes $7.5 billion of state incentive grants)

via: DemConWatch

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