Monday, July 21, 2008

Mariners Insipid Play Reflects Candyass Front Office Failure

Do you dream of a winning Mariner team? If you do you should write a letter to your local newspaper or to principle Mariner owner Hiroshi Yamauchi via Nintendo calling for the heads of candy ass club CEO Howard Lincoln and president Chuck Armstrong. They've succeeded in turning Seattle back into a losing farm team for the better teams in baseball who more often then not seem to be able to take our rejects and cast offs and turn them into productive players.

These two men are personally responsible for the Mariners return to permanent mediocrity. In my mind the main reason is because of Armstrong and Lincoln’s phony dip shit family values centered Disney style feel good all over management style and personal statement that seems to permeate everything Mariner including their play on the field. It's a turn off to real baseball types who know how to win and may consider coming here except for the fact they have to answer to Lincoln and Armstrong if they did.

It may look good to Seattle’s uninformed, latte swilling, shiskaberry sucking, let's do the wave because we don't know the difference between football and baseball fans, but its main result is to produce recurring seasons of teams with losing records. These two have been behind the hiring of a line of weak yes men managers and the similar disposed and the recently fired GM Bill Bavasi. Bavasi is responsible for a number of on field personnel decisions over the last several seasons that have proved to be mistakes or simply inept. It wasn’t because money wasn’t available to woo winning players to come here, the club has one of the highest payrolls in major league baseball.

Yamauchi should replace these two anal retentives with someone who knows something about winning baseball games. In case you haven’t noticed Lincoln and Armstrong spend most of their time on their number one priority, trying to keep couples from kissing, or doing much else that fans like to do at baseball games like wearing tee shirts that indicate that the visiting team SUCKS or simply being at the ballpark to have a good time and blow off some steam. I’m sick of them hiring these ass licking field managers who feel warm all over even after a 100 lose seasons.

Last night for example I watched as Mariner Pitcher Jarrod Washburn once again demonstrated his yearly propensity for failing to get past the 6th inning and getting shelled in the process only to have the lap dog Fox Sports Northwest commentators during the post game wrap-up talk about what a fine outing he had by lasting 5 innings and losing the game. This, a demonstration of habit those dependent on the Mariners for their lively-hood have of trying to turn a sows ear of a baseball team into a silk purse. Washburn’s record slipped to 4 wins and 9 loses. He, like the highly paid and recently release slugger Richie Sexson, pitchers Migel Batista and Carlos Silva indicate the total lack of competence Mariner upper management had when it hired GM Bavasi who's mainly responsible for bringing these millstones around the franchise's neck unproductive players here in the first place.

I'm not even going to start on what I think about no hit strike out prone Willie Bloomquist being a everyday player except to say he'd be riding the pines or released if he were associated with any real major league baseball team. How many years of mediocrity does it take before you know?

Bavasi didn't begin to rebuild the team in the classic sense when he got here from within the organization by using the farm system's young players, but instead used these prospects as trade bait to go for so called established players who's worth was questionable. He also brought in several veteran players through free agency who turn out to be busts for the most part, 15.5 million dollar Sexson being the main example, or he'd cut loose productive players because they didn't meet the Lincoln Armstrong arbitrary code of personal moral cleanliness and godliness or they did things like chew tobacco in front of kids.

Then there’s Casper Milk Toast managers like the now deposed Bob Melvin, Mike Hargrove and John McLaren who couldn’t get the high paid prima donnas players to produce wins on the field. Bavasi modes operandi was to bring in washed up players just past their prime and expecting them to produce numbers they hadn’t achieved any time lately. Lincoln and Armstrong liked these weak minded managers because they were the opposite of Lou Piniella who'd rather punch someone in the nose then lose a baseball game. Something he may of done to them had he stayed any longer.
As far as the permanent replacement for Bavasi, one former American League executive, asking for anonymity, told me recently, "If Lincoln and Armstrong are there, whoever the GM is won't matter." Art Thiel Seattle PI

True baseball MEN like former Manager "sweet" Lou Piniella and GM Pat Gillick had enough of the interfering and goodie two shoes management style of Lincoln and Armstrong and bolted for greener pastures by the time the end of the 2003 season had rolled around. They took a record of several playoff appearances and a record breaking 116 win season with them plus any chance the Mariner had to be successful on the field in the immediate future because of the phony leadership by Lincoln and Armstrong. Both Piniella and Gillick have gone on to be the part of successful and competitive pennant contending operations with the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies respectfully.

Piniella, besides being a brilliant baseball mind, more importantly reflected the true workingman blue collar honest no nonsense values and passion that successful baseball managers usually have as part of their overall makeup and was sort of the antithesis to the (excuse me) pussies that Lincoln and Armstrong represent. Lincoln and Armstrong saw Piniella as a threat and a risk to their squeaky clean ideas about life and baseball. Piniella’s entertaining volcanic on field outbursts and tell it like it is style scared the shit out of these two squares. Unfortunately for Seattle Piniella style also produced winning baseball teams. Piniella remains well loved and deeply missed by most knowledgeable baseball fans who give a shit and screw that dumb ass pansy ass Moose too.

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