Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Burn the House Down And Scare The Bejesus Out Of the Dog Day

Item from the West Seattle Blog or the blog that never every sleeps.... Turn on the game have a few drinks and start a bonfire in the front yard next to the barbecue. What the hell could be wrong with that? Reminds me of the time I was in Spain on Saint Joan's Day. If you don't want to blow off any M80's but would like to feel like you have just watch this video.

The Catalans pretty much all come to a central location in the nearest town, like a soccer field, start a civic bonfire and begin to set off their extensive personal stash of fireworks and small bombs and fire making related goodies. The tradition is centuries old and includes that you must also jump through the fire inorder to symbolize getting rid of the old and starting over with the new. Sounds like something we could use here in America badly.

But, in Catalonia it seems no one every gets hurt at these celebrations or has their extremities blown off. Only here in the land of the retards and the home of the not so free anymore can one blow the shit out of themselves once a year or burn down their or their neighbor's house. Here is the quote from the post at West Seattle Blog.
10:53 pm Fire crews are busy too; Engine 37 (from 35th SW) just went to an illegal burn call at California/Willow south of Morgan Junction, reportedly “guys drinking and having a bonfire in the front yard.”

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