Thursday, July 24, 2008

God Please Spare Us From Another Unsophisticated Inarticulate Malaprop Of A Presidency

Shouldn't being able to speak properly be a basic requirement for being elected president?

I ‘m sick of US Presidents who can’t speak proper English or are so scattered, old, burnout or phony they can’t get their facts straight most of the time. I don’t mind the occasional mistake, but I can’t take it when it's a daily occurrence Ala Bush and McCain.

We need a president that can actually articulate his positions on the issues and affairs of the day in such a way that he is clearly understood. I’d venture a guess that Obama would be winning big if a the poll were taken of English professors.

You’d think that one of the top requirements of the presidency would be to be able to communicate your ideas, apparently not so much in low information voter America.

McCain so far has shown he’s in the same bush league as our un-scholarly current president when it comes to simply talking. Aren’t you sick of the American president looking like a total buffoon on the world stage? If not, you should cast your vote for McCain because one thing he will continue is the same Bush habit of making a complete ass of himself in public ever chance he gets, and at 72 years of age it’s probably going to get worse.

We put up with eight years of the bumbling of George W. Bush misspeak and now they offer us another halfwit speaker in the form of McCain. I want my president to be articulate and well read, not some one who acts like Charlie McCarthy being manipulated by a drunk Edgar Bergen.

Come on America! It time we had a elitist for our president not some nitwit who supposedly if fun to drink a beer with at the corner bar. This able to have a beer with nonsense is the height of stupidity as a barometer of anything meaningful. Most of the people I drank beer with at the corner bar were a bunch of low information slackers or drunks. Guess that says something about me too. It okay if you like low information slackers and drunks once in a while but not as the leader of the free world.

If I go to the circus or a show I want to see someone do something extraordinary that for a moment separates him or her, and me by observing it, from the mundane. I don’t want the same old mediocrity in that or in politics. This American propensity to settle for the banal is impeding our progress as a nation and people.

I think being able to speak properly would be a baseline qualification don’t you?

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