Monday, July 21, 2008

If Seattle Had Approved The 1968 Rapid Transit Bond Issue It Be Paid Off This Year Cost Less And Been Better Then The One We Still Haven't Built Yet

Sorry you wannabe hipsters, but it's true. Nothing that even looks like a long term capital improvement to our infrastructure or a quality of life improvement can ever get passed in the lame backwater town of Seattle or the Puget Sound region.

Blame the process on the chicken heartened back-boneless gagle of PC bloggers and blowhards who rather posture and talk endlessly about the system's freaking carbon score than build anything. Most of these nitwits intercity pols are more concerned about making sure they look good or get re-elected. Even our supposedly backwater friends in Stinktown (Tacoma) and Portland are way ahead of us on this issue.

Name me one politician in this state who's got the political juice and where with all to get something done. Fuck the special Seattle propensity of involving everyone in god's green earth in the endless egocentric talk it through PROCESS process. I've prayed for a REAL big city politician to come on the scene for years who's not afraid to DO SOMETHING and get voted out of office if the people don't like it. The current price of gas crisis only puts more emphasis on how the region got caught with it collective people moving pants down. The only good thing about the pain at the pump is it may force the nitwit population of obstructionist's hand, so they'd actually HAVE to ACT.
"The Forward Thrust package in 1968 would have given the area a system of amazing scope. It would have been completed in 1985 and fully paid off in 2008. It would have been heavy rail, largely in subways, with two prongs north, two prongs south, and two prongs on the Eastside. Unlike Portland's system, which is largely on the street, this system would have been separated from traffic and much faster. It probably would have done a fair amount toward shaping dense neighborhoods and concentrating urban growth. All this at one quarter the local cost of a completed (much smaller and slower) Sound Transit system."
I remember voting for the rapid transit system in 1968 before most of the present day nitwitlalapalooza blogger bunch even had heard of the personal computer. For Christ sake these cheap penny wise and dollar short assholes around here would probably have a heart attack if they had to compare the proposed cost then to the inflated cost it be today for the same system. But let's go to the video so that I can suffer once again from rapid transit envy.

Number one in the world of rapid transit is apparently Singapore, and their mostly Buddhists. They beat you with a stick in the public square if you throw your gum on the ground. I'll take a Buddhist over a surrender monkey WASP any day of the week I guess. Buddhist never surrender because they hardly ever start useless wars that they have to later end up surrendering for like Pops McCain likes to point out all the time.

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