Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Need Your Vote To Become A Delegate To The Democratic Convention In Denver

In case you may of missed it. I am a 7th Congressional District Obama delegate running for one of the 7 Obama National Delegate slots from the 7th CD to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August. I was elected to be a 7th CD delegate at the 34th Legislative District caucus on April 5th. Approximately 237 delegates elected from the legislative districts caucuses comprising the 7th CD will be voting on May 17th to choose their Democratic National convention delegates.

I am a loyal and unshakable Obama supporter and have worked continuously for his election locally and in Texas and Oregon begining in early January. I continue to be actively involved in the campaign to secure the nomination for Obama. Which I am sure will be accomplished soon in spite of Clinton's narrow victory today in Pennsylvania.

Like many of you I am dying for a change of direction in this country. If you've been reading my blog you probably noticed that. I was sitting at my kitchen table in December and decided I would do anything to change the politics of this country. That manifested itself in my eventual support for Barack Obama and lead to many excellent adventures.

I am looking for your vote or your official endorsement, (email me) which I would be honored to receive. Especially if you are a elected 7th Congressional District delegate or know a delegate you can persuade to vote for me who is not running for a National Delegate spot themselves. I invite you to visit my Obama 7th Congressional District delegate website for more information.

Yes we can!

Daniel OBrien
Vashon, WA

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