Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Billary Dickory Barack

Hickory Dickory Dock,
The cat ran round the clock,
The clock struck seven 7,
She wanted to get 'em,
Hickory Dickory Dock!


Hillary had a 9.2% lead over Barack Obama. She gained 200,000 votes and gained 14 delegates.

The national numbers after Pennsylvania:

Obama is ahead by 156 Pledged delegates. Obama is ahead by 600,000 votes (500k if you count Florida)

Let's make the most conservative assumptions about the outcome of the remaining races:

Guam, even
North Carolina, 58%-42% Obama
Indiana, 54%-46% Clinton
Kentucky, 60%-40% Clinton
West Virginia, 60%-40% Clinton
Oregon, 56%-44% Obama
Montana 56%-44% Obama
Puerto Rico, 60%-40% Clinton
South Dekota, 54%-46% Obama

That would leave Obama at 1,920 delegates at the close of the Primaries and Clinton with 1793. This leaves Obama ahead by 127 Pledged Delegates. He will then need only 35% of the remaining 308 Superdelegates to meet the 2025 magic number to win the nomination.

Clinton as the terminator. I ask myself last night what it would be like if there were no Reverend Wright or bitter-gate? Clinton exploited both these issues, especially the bitter-gate gaff, to the hilt. The problem is they are both Republican talking points and she continues to damage the Democratic Party and Obama positive ratings by her unwillingness to be magnanimous and continue regurgitating this type of political swill.

Oh I forgot she's a Clinton. Hillary apparently waits for some unforeseen scandal or catastrophe to take place so she can exploit it in her favor. Problem is if it doesn't happen she continues to damage the party success and Obama's electability.

Thanks to Matthew a 7th CD Obama delegate for the stats...

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