Friday, September 07, 2007

Old Fogey Politicians On Rise Apparently Have No New Ideas

Who shall rid us of these troublesome old fogies from both parties?

Recent video proves that new agent of change Fred Thompson offers same old not well thought out bull crap political rhetorical drivel that seems to permeate the American political landscape today. This banality continues because the political experts out there apparently think it still sells to all us shallow unwashed peons out here in main street America.

Does ANYONE really have any original ideas anymore? Attention everyone the old bull shit isn't working anymore. Maybe it time for NEW ideas. Thompson is believed to be marketing himself as the new Ronald Reagan. Because their both actors I guess.

After 8 years of Bush I rather walk across broken glass and then eat each piece than consider potentially listening to Thompson expound about anything political. What exactly does Fred offer to the process that isn't tried old or already politically debunked by now. The video should serve as exhibit A in an "I don't really know shit about the world" contest.

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