Friday, September 21, 2007

How Long Will Americans Continue To Swallow The Bowl of Rhetorical Bullshit From The Likes Of Bush and Healthcare Industry about Universal Coverage?

“The fundamental question is, what should we do about it? On that question, our nation has a clear choice. One option is to put more power in the hands of government by expanding federal health care programs and empowering bureaucrats to make medical decisions. The other option is to put more power in the hands of individuals, by making private health insurance more affordable and accessible and empowering people and their doctors to make the decisions that are right for them. That's the divide.”

President Bush statement: June 27, 2007

Apparently Frat Boy Bush doesn’t realize poor people don’t have doctors to make decisions with or that the current system hasn't worked to empower any of the approximately 45, or more, million Americans without coverage now.

What he really is saying is that the right wing nuts no new taxes no new services and medical industry and insurance industry types like the status quo and they don’t intend to change anything as long as their in power. Why would they wish to kill a goose that continues to lay billions and billions of golden $ eggs for them anyway.

The real question is why do most Americans seem to have such a hard time getting their heads around these misrepresentations about universal health care?

Are we a nation of morons with no empathy for the poor? Do we not desire to control the spiraling cost of health care? Are we afraid of providing health care to all citizens like every other modern, and not so modern, western nation does? Are we not concerned that the current health care deliver system in this country makes American business less competitive in a gobal economy?

Bush also promised to veto the continuation of State Children's Health Insurance Program if it were to be passed by the congress. The compromise program by the congress would cover 10 million uninsured children for 5 years at a cost of $35 billion. The proposal is to be paid for by a tax of sixty-one cent per pack on cigarettes.

Seems like a good idea. Higher taxes on cigarettes would impact only smokers who may quit because the price of smokes goes up, which improves their health. Keeping them off the doll for health care that they don’t have insurance to cover or lowering the cost to their existing plan due to their healthier lifestyle.

Oh and we’d get those 10 million uninsured kids covered too!

Not so fast dummies! Don’t you understand this isn’t going to happen while us right wing nut bars are running the show. Our buddies in the medical and insurance industry would be cut out of the take and you’d end up probably raising taxes on rich folks. Plus we all have to become some kind of a red commie socialists and our daughters would be forced into becoming members of an army of socialist gay marrying lesbian prostitute zombies.

Bush and other conservatives argue rhetorically against this and other attempts to reform healthcare along the lines that government bureaucracy would lead to some sort of doomsday financial crisis for the country in the long run or that options to choose one’s doctor or course of treatment would be hindered or lost entirely. If this approach doesn’t work they often return to the 1950’s style boogieman scare tactic red herring labeling of any attempt to address the problem as a form of subliminal communist Frenchy European Canadian leaning “socialized medicine”.

If the usual talking points don’t work then opponents of healthcare usually will revert to the billions and billions of dollars it going to costs us all and the need to increase taxes to pay for it monologue .

Meanwhile we waste billions on the war in Iraq every minute of ever day which seems to be a recurring major mental disconnect for Americans when they lament about where all their tax money is going. As if the money being wastefully spent there doesn't ever count against the total.

Democrat Presidential candidates have proposed universal coverage plans with costs that run between $80 billion to $110 billion per year. One of the things that is so devastating about the Iraq war and current American foreign policy is that $456 billion has been spent through 2007 on the war and other administration programs like the ballistic missile defense program which will alone cost $11.1 billion in FY 2007. It doesn’t take a idiot to see that America’s priorities are to make war and be a world bully rather then care about the health of its citizens.

The main problem is Americans continue to eat the big bowl of warm shit their being fed by the right on health care. I know that better understanding of this issue is happening. Even the business sector has come around. They realize that universal health care would stimulate the economy, control their skyrocketing medical cost, and bring about cost saving modern medical data a record keeping and processing. Of course it also means that Americans would live healthier when full access to preventive medicine becomes available which should lead to lower costs over time due to people living better and healthier lifestyles. Improving everyone's bottom line.

But, ignorance continues to reign. Americans seem to not understand the immediate need and benefit it would be to this country if it were to establish a national health care program. The coming elections , it is hoped, will finally bring us politicians who support some sort of universal plan and also can get it passed through the congress. For god's sake how much longer must we wait?

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