Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Backbone Campaign Protest The War And Bad Government With A Sense of Humor

Maybe I like them because the roots of the organization were planted on Vashon Island. But in any case their Bonzo for Congress 08 Campaign "rubber stamps, spineless wimps, we'd do better with a bunch of chimps"and Pledge for Peace Initiative are great. Check out the video.

Although they mission is deadly serious, I continue to admire the people at the Backbone Campaign because they rarely make the mistake of taking themselves too seriously like me and most of the rest of anti-war movement. It appears that the "boners" see that humor can be a bridge to get a serious message out to those who normally would turn a deaf ear to the same old over used and unoriginal anti war drone of, lets say, the Code Pink folks or even Cindy Sheehan. Their sense of comedy and understanding of theater comes through.

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