Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Finally Proof Abounds That Seattle has lost it Chutzpa

The decision today by the State DOT to endorse replacing the viaduct with a new and bigger god awful viaduct is final proof that the City of Seattle has lost it audacity and is being prepared for architecturally and environmental castration in short order. The decision was closely followed by reports that the Governor will now endorse the new elevated highway option in lock step with Speaker of the House Frank “get err done” Chopp who has been cooking the political books all along setting the tunnel and other more modern viaduct replacement options up for failure.

Add to this the announcement today that the Sonics are leaving for Renton after being pushed out by City Councilmen Nick Licata and other snobs who hate sport, and have always hated sport in this town and the handwriting in on the freaking wall.

These are the white collar nerds, political operatives and overly politically correct cheapskate scaredy-cats, weekly avant-garde newspaper snobs, white bread bourgeoisie bloggers who have slowly but surely brought what was once a audacious city to the brink. With their overly liberal, namby-pamby, narrow minded, penny pinching, gutless play is safe politics and sunny feel good bull shit. Their the never quite speak the truth phonies that out-of-towners talk about when that talk about those people in Seattle.

After the Seattle liberal sports hating crowd voted the Sonic out of town, by creating an atmosphere that would drive any major business players out, they will have to live with the Sonics in Renton, who probably will love to have them and the taxes, jobs and image, and the smarty-pants Seattleites still will have to pay the taxes to support them and drive on the new monstrosity waterfront blocking viaduct to get to the game. Stupid and shortsighted I would say.

Forty years and not one light rail car has carried a pay passenger or rolled out yet. Public transit here is probably the worst of any comparable city of its size anywhere. Anyone who has traveled to a major world city here or abroad feels impotent when they return here and find a city so lacking in ways to move people around as this city does. For God’s sake Tacoma already has their light rail up and running. But they don’t have the awful political “process” we have to deal with in Seattle. They elect people and those people make decisions. Not Seattle we talk and posture.

Yesterday Governor Gregoire was quoted as saying the following about the tunnel, "We need to be fiscally responsible to the taxpayer. I'd also prefer a Mercedes, but I can't afford that, either."

Well apparently she decided to give us a fucking used Yugo instead. Thanks Frank, Nick, and Christine for nothing.

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