Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Don Imus Self-centered Jerk, Racist, Flip Flopper, Jew Hater, Meglomaniac

Don Imus demonstrates, on almost a daily basis, that he apparently thinks he is not answerable to anyone at MSNBC or any place else in the world. This self centered loud mouth will someday have to learn that the world does not totally revolve around him. The powers to be at MSNBC apparently are as brow beaten as all the yes men that Imus surrounds himself with on his show.

These so call entertainers and other hacks on Imus show, tend to agree with his outlandish over the top statements and prognostications while most of the time it should be seen for what it is crack potted self-center banal behavior.

Instead those on the show demonstrate some perverted form of boyish hero worship, hanging on Imus's every word. Hoping for approval in what appears to be some sort of "macho alpha male of the pack who can kiss Imus ass best" contest.

To me Imus personality type appears to fit into the category of some sort of UNTREATED ego centric "white knuckling" former crack and "dry drunk" booze head bully boy and wannabe drugstore cowboy.

It's like he stopped using drugs and not much more. Never really dealing with the underlying insanity. I guess you can get away with this for years if you have enough money.

I must admit here, I don't know for a fact what sort of path of recovery Imus is walking, and truthfully it not really my business. But I've seen enough of this type to offer, for the sake of discourse about this very powerful entertainment personality, a educated guess.

The untreated are the ones where the loved ones around them often wish they still were breaking the furniture once in a while in a drug crazed episode, rather then having to deal with the insanity of them "sober". Remember abstaining from drugs and alcohol alone are not really considered sober. Sober is when you abstain and you have dealt with or are dealing with the underlying emotional issues. This type of approach to recovery usually creates some form of humility or recognition of where your place is in the world. It reduces self centered behaviors that are, many would agree in the recovery community, what led to the substance abuse in the first place.

It hard to label anyone's personality problems as precisely caused by this or that I'll admit. But I don't think it such a reach with Imus. He's pretty predictable.

Imus the ever grumpy curmudgeon megalomaniac whiner, that he is, appears most of the time as the loose cannon. While most of the other time publicly threatening anyone who's not doing "what Imus wants". Other times those who he perceives have failed him are being threatened with the full fury and wrath that his wealth and present position in society can bring to bear. Mostly. it seems, revolves around some degree of lost of access to him and to his show and personal name calling.

Whether it be directed at the doorman of his swank New York apartment building or the Governor of New Mexico. To mention only recent victims of this no one says no to Imus or gets in his way delusional playhouse that he loves to occupy.

A few days ago he went on a long degrading rant about Governor Bill Richards of New Mexico when the governor, instead of calling Imus himself, apparently had a his chief of staff call him about a permit Imus was seeking in New Mexico. Imus does not like to talk to just someone's chief of staff. God dammit I'm Don Imus the bully and king maker.

But are the executives at MSNBC being codependent and/or enabling for not speaking out when Imus goes overboard and makes wild and outlandishly hurtful and dangerous statements on his cable program. Maybe it time for a intervention at MSNBC?

Unfortunately those around him and over him seldom reign him in at all. Apparently the bully has become too rich and powerful to control. So he says whatever he wants no matter how idiotic, dishonest, crude, rude, stupid, dangerous or hurtful it maybe to others. Not to mention that his viewer ratings are some of the best on the network.

So we're not surprised network types are more then willing to turn a blind eye to the lack of fair play or a semblance of any journalistic integrity on the show when the almighty profits and ratings are involved. They pass it off as comedy or just the presently acceptable reality crap that we get nowadays when we switch on the radio or TV.

Also the rich and famous bow before him hoping for a crack at his large audience of unwashed knuckle-heads made up of the NASCAR crowd and the rest of us. "Imus in the Morning" listeners are apparently very amuses with his shtick most mornings. It must be the Paris Hilton Howard Stern syndrome of being beyond embarrassment of any kind while lacking real talent or intelligence so appealing to today's audiences.

Everyone has seen enough but we keep getting more crammed down our throat anyway. It also adds to the uncivilized nature of public discourse we find so popular today and that I must admit I have been guilty of nourishing at times in my blog and probably in this post.

If you wish to have a best selling book for instance, then you must crawl at the feet of Imus and be ready for some bullying and begging for airtime. To most authors nothing is apparently too degrading if it means getting on the show. Such is the reputation of Imus in the Morning when it comes to the making a best seller.

Don't get me wrong, most times I tolerate Imus outlandish ranting as entertaining, but lately he has begun to wear thin.

Especially when he suggest that we drop nuclear weapons on Tehran, Mecca, and Riyadh as some sort of end game solution to dealing with "the terrorists" as he did on his program this morning. It was in the context of not wanting his brat progeny to have to "fight the terrorist too, when he grows up".

Imus Producer Bernard McGuirk, who is the tough red neck New York Irish guy character on the show, recently also flippantly insinuates that Barack Obama middle name "Hussein" gave him some kind of "Jew hating name", which makes Obama a "Creep" and a "flip flopping weasel". The often racist remark making McGuirk should be made to at least offer a public explanation when he makes such remarks.

This type of behavior is more suited for a comedy network insult comic special, not MSNBC. Someday it may catch up with Imus in the Morning and the tide shall then turn against him. Then he will be relegated to the scrap heap of loud mouth shock jocks commentators who most people become wise to eventually and then begin to just change the channel.

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