Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cheap Waterfront Tunnel Opponents Lack Vision Moxie

In Today's Stranger SLOG Josh Feit had a short ditty about old people being the main supporters of rebuilding the viaduct rather then building a new waterfront tunnel in Seattle. The theory being that they were there when the present structure went up and would have a hard time processing the change.

Hey Josh, I'm sixty and I strongly support a tunnel.

Hello out there Seattle, wake up we're a freaking seaport! Were suppose to have a waterfront.

The citizens of Seattle will never support a tunnel because their too damm cheap and too damm narrow minded. Not to mention their apparent total lack of vision. They demonstrate it over and over again. i.e. no light rail system operational to date in this backward behind times uptight town. It's that Northwest Cubby and Tubby syndrome. Buy the cheapest product possible no matter if it's a massive highway system that's suppose to last 50 years or a pair of sneakers.

By the way fuck the Sonics too. Who needs a major league professional sports team anyway. That be too much like a real world class city. Our goal is to remain stagnant and drink lots of coffee reading the NYT while talking about what we think we know about art and gardening. Nor should you have a Olympic Games here ever because it be to noisy for two weeks in summer. Even though it would mean that the Federal Government would probably pump in billions of dollars in a sort of windfall to rebuild the infrastructure of the area like they ended up doing when the winter games were held in Salt Lake. Can I hear you all say drone like, Thank You Mr. Licata for being a total twerp and making us all look like twerps too. When will someone free us of this meddlesome twit and a few members of the rest of his moxie-less and cult of personality crowd.

Seattle likes to think it's hot shit but it can get anything significant done. Too dependent on "process" and fear. Mostly impressed by the last person they talk too. We're lead by a bunch of play it safe politicians who rather take the leadership-less road to no where's ville.

For years the viaduct has blocked the city from its natural opening to the sea. Oh never mind any boost a tunnel would bring to the waterfront's environment and aesthetics, to tourism, to parks, to walking streets, to downtown and countless other reasons that any forward thinking person could easily imagine.

But we want to do it on the cheap. The additional money spent on a tunnel will be insignificant and meaningless in 20 years. Just how fucking often do you actually build such a massive civic project as this one anyway? Once in a lifetime? Shouldn't you do it right?

All major civic projects have cost overruns from the time of the Brooklyn Bridge to the Tacoma Narrows project today. So you find ways to make it work financially for the long term good of the city. This is how most "real" cities deal with these things. Not here. It constantly like two old hags fighting over the back yard fence. In most major cities leaders stick their necks out and personally see these type of thing get built by leading the way often risking being reelected. Here it's put up to the vote amongst the homeless who live under the viaduct after an endless number of studies and hearings.

But, the no tunnel parochial citizenship here in Seattle would rather listen to most of the gutless politicians who oppose the tunnel. Remaining a city with it's back to the sea, apparently forever.

When the new high rise viaduct is done and you bring your out of town relatives and friends in from the airport via the new roadway if they ask where the waterfront is tell them we don't have one here anymore.

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