Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Speaker Chopp Legislators DOT Cook the Books Then Recommend Against Tunnel

After not allowing Seattle officials to fully participate in the process. Then deciding to disband the committee constituted to study the feasibility of "Tunnel Lite" because there supposedly wasn't enough time to complete the report. After no legislative committee hearings were really held on the tunnel lite proposition or much else related to the replacement of the viaduct.

The DOT today recommends against both tunnel options and called for the legislature to vote to build an even bigger elevated highway to replace the crumbling eyesore viaduct we have now.

This demonstrates a lack of leadership from the likes of Speaker of the House Frank Chopp and other key elected officials in Olympia.

It is even more important now that Seattle voters reject the elevate highway at any cost on their election ballots. Seattle needs to find a way to keep the funds previously allocated for viaduct replacement by the legislature. The City must aggressively seek additional means of finance to go forward with either a tunnel or opted out in favor of the surface transit option .

"We Shall Not Elevate No More"

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