Sunday, January 08, 2012

Obama's Real Nightmare - The Chinese Speaking Mormon Guy

Pretend your a independent voter for a second. If this guy got the Republican nomination Obama would have a real fight on his hands. I don't see the President having a problem with Mitt or the rest of the field of right-wing wankers. Lucky for Obama Huntsman is far too smart and reasonable for the wing-nut GOP electorate too. He's sort of reminds me of the old school Republicans I remember from my youth.

But one must remind oneself he is also a conservative on many important issues including health-care,  which he wants to make a State issue. He talks about repealing Dodd-Frank but also talks about getting rid of "to big to fail" banks. He also would withdraw troops from Afghanistan apparently, and seems very secular on many family value and social issues, choosing to be a Libertarian-lite version of Ron Paul on what's going on in your underpants or in your bedroom.

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