Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Open Letter To Occupy Seattle - This Is How It's Done!

Dearest Occupy Seattle.
“We do have a grand strategy, Nonviolent movements shift power by attacking the columns that hold the power structure in place. Those columns are the military, police, media, business, workers, youth, faith groups, NGOs and civil servants. Every time we deal with the police, we have that in mind. The goal is not to hit them, hit them, hit them and weaken them. The goal is to pull people from those columns to our side. We want the police to know that we understand they’re not the 1 percent. The goal is not to get every police officer, but to get enough police so that you have a division.” Kevin Zeese, Occupy Wall Street Protester

It's time to move from a cop hating anarchist dogma centered occupation to what the actual occupy wall street movement was really about, i.e., love, compassion, understanding, a new way of thinking, ending war, empathy, protecting the environment, truth, economic justice, election reform, HOPE.

Broaden your freaking creative thinking horizons for god's sake.


The sympathetic middle class

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  1. Wow i agree wholeheartedly, the police have a heart too, many of them joined for similar reasons to nurses, they wanted to serve society
    and help the community,i have a nephew in the police, he works on child protection
    it's the system that is wrong as in the health service, most of the workers are doing their best under poor and inept management from the top, they have families to support too. I would add a little humour to the campaign, it is hard to be on different sides when laughing together.