Sunday, August 14, 2011

CNN's Fareed Zakaria Says Obama's Liberal Critics Need To Grow Up

Throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Zakaria pushes back on the popular narrative that many liberals spout these days about the weakness of Obama. In spite of all of Obama's perceived shortcomings by liberals and progressives one needn't look further then Iowa and the Michelle Bachmann's of the world to realize that this circular firing squad approach can only end up helping right wing politicians in the end.

His editorial points out that liberals are out of touch with the realities and difficulties of legislating progressive policies with a congress that is politically divided, dysfunctional, and dominated by tea party obstructionists. Liberals have short memories and give Obama little credit for the accomplishments he has made in the face of the terrible economic situation he inherited.

I agree with this commentary and think it is now passed the time that progressives circle the wagons and start aiming the disapproval and blame where it really needs to be placed. At the feet of the Tea Party, Republicans and the corporate oligarchy lackeys whose obstructionism, out of date thinking and personal greed blocks progress. We should focus our energy, protests and blame directly at the right wing radicals in Congress, and dedicate our efforts towards their removal and replacement.

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