Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Arrogant Hipsters At Stranger Know Best: Think Most Citizens - Democratic Party Activists - Union Members - Governor - County Executive - City Council - Aero Machinists - Longshoreman Are Idiots

This week's Stranger anti-tunnel cover theme depicts cartoon characters driving off a cliff with the caption, "Don't follow the idiots". Based on that statement probably at least half the good people in Seattle and almost 90% of the political establishment are too stupid to think for themselves. Yes, in the minds of the minions who occupy the genital centered echo chamber world of the Stranger newsroom, where writers are usually most impressed by the last fad or prima donna they happened to run into, you're just another working class idiot if you may like the tunnel.

Here's a list of local citizen idiots according to the all knowing hipsters at the Stranger:

Seattle's Democratic Activists
the Seattle City Council, Labor Unions
The County Executive
The King County Labor Council and most Labor Unions in general
The Port Commission
Dan Evans
Gary Locke
King County Democrats
King County Young Democrats
46th District Democrats
34th District Democrats
36th District Democrats
11th District Democrats
International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 19
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 46
Aerospace Machinists Local 751
Adam Kline, State Senator, 37th LD
Jeanne Kohl-Welles, State Senator, 36th LD
Ed Murray, State Senator, 43rd LD
Sharon Nelson, State Senator, 34th LD
Scott White, State Senator, 46th LD
Joe McDermott, King County Council
Larry Phillips, King County Council
Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
West Seattle Democratic Women
The Municipal League of King County
A Majority of the State Legislature

And the rest of the people who have openly endorsed the tunnel as the best option to replace the AWV. Many of these pro-tunnel citizens have been engaged in the debate from the beginning and simply have come to the conclusion that the tunnel is what works, given 10 years of talking about it.

I think the anti tunnel campaign has sunk to a number of similar sounding self-important themes about values and group think. It spouts a holier than thou type of message that says they somehow know what's best for you, your family, and everyone who considers themselves to be a real Seattlelite, and now according to the Stranger, if you disagree you're an idiot. 

The no tunnel people really don't have a plan for replacing the viaduct, just a wide eyed dream of some sort of Utopian car free Shangri-La off in the future. It's not based much in the present or concrete and relies heavily for support on the ignorance of its readership and their tendencies for terminal political correctness. Most, I suspect will vote against the tunnel because the master Stranger has spoken.

Remember these are the same people who gave us Mike McGinn. How's that working?

Like most people,  I dislike attempts at social engineering by anyone."You're too stupid to figure it out for yourself people" is their subtle message. We know what your values should be. We're elite pricks, everyone knows that. Sounding more and more like family values Republicans than they realize.

Vote Yes on Referendum 1, can we just get something actually done around here.

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