Monday, May 16, 2011

Twenty Things To Do Before The World Ends On Saturday

And continue to try to do if it doesn’t….
  1. Realize your just a very small speck in the universe 
  2. Fall in love with someone or something 
  3. Stop eating contaminated food and learn what’s in your food and where it came from 
  4. Get over yourself and work to reduce your ego 
  5. Be of service to someone 
  6. Live within your means 
  7. Share with others 
  8. Work to be creative while doing something you love to do 
  9. Meditate and get quiet 
  10. Stop buying shit you don’t need and recycle everything 
  11. Realize your religious beliefs and moral standards don’t apply to everyone else 
  12. Accept change and the fact that people are different 
  13. Respect the environment and nature 
  14. Travel 
  15. Move and Dance 
  16. Confide your deepest secrets to someone you trust and discuss them if necessary 
  17. Forgive everyone including yourself and admit it when your wrong and say your sorry 
  18. Have empathy for others 
  19. Look for beauty in people, nature, literature and art 
  20. Laugh whenever possible

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