Sunday, May 29, 2011

Please Stop Exploiting And Patronizing Veteran's Service To Sell Shit

Okay I've had it with endlessly broadcast feel good tug at your heartstings TV commercials you see nowadays from companies like Budweiser and others that exploit and patronize the sacrifice and service of military veterans.

The beer companies seem to be some of the worst offenders in my estimation."Have a cold one when you come home all crazy from endless deployments and being used as cannon fodder, and it will be all better", they say to me. Never mind the broken families or a generation of mentally twisted and war ravaged human beings. But there seems to be a large number of companies who's apparent insensitivity makes them want to jump on the support our troops bandwagon because it sells product.

It would be closer to the truth if the commercials said "thanks veterans for protecting our right to make obscene profits at the expense of the working class, and buy political influence with politicians so we can continue to do that.  We remain eternally grateful!"

These corporate entities have no ethics when it comes to what they seem to believe is necessary to sell shit or appearing to be patriotic. Given the true nature of fighting, dying and serving this country in its misguided and seemingly unending modern day military conflicts.

I for one would not purchase any of the products these predominately oligarchical anti-working class corporations are trying to sell. I bet that half the veterans depicted in the commercial below are really nothing more than wholesome looking actors.

Veterans should be honored, but not in a way that is mainly aimed at selling cars, beer, and vacations getaways or shit made by outsourced cheap labor in China you can pickup at Walmart or the 7-11.  If you want to honor our troops you should be running commercials promoting the idea of bringing them home immediately so that they can transition back to a normal way of life.

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