Sunday, May 29, 2011

Having Fun Deemed Illegal at US Capitol - Flash Dancers Brutalized By Police At Jefferson Memorial

In another sign of overreaction by law enforcement, a group of flash mob dancers were attacked by park police when they try to stage a flash mob dance at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC yesterday. After seeing this video I would find it hard to beleive a jury would find any of these people guilty of anything except maybe trying to have some memorial day holiday fun. But having to spend a night in jail and being manhandled by police shouldn't be necessary to prove that.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Here is a little irony. What about these kids dancing at the Lincoln Memorial?

  2. The only thing that will make law enforcement stop doing this kind of stuff is some very costly lawsuits against whatever municipal entity these policemen serve. I hope some of these people can get the ACLU on their case, or some other bulldog attorney.

    Thomas Jefferson would be sick if he saw this.

  3. Anonymous5:06 AM

    HAHAHA Little boy had a hissy fit

  4. This is what happens when a nation embraces a policy of distrust for the sake of safety. This is indeed a police state we live in. I am sad to see this.

    And the "What is dancing?" guy is annoying and detrimental to the movement of change and progress. Damn the man for the sake of damn the man is just plain stupid. Arguing an intelligent point -- that the police have no right to arrest people for no reason -- is salient and useful. Making argument that is nonsense and for no good other than to be included in the argument is just stupid and detrimental.

    If we're out there doing this stuff, let's be smart and respectful, eh? It won't not get us arrested or harassed. But it will give credibility to our argument.

  5. Anonymous7:04 PM

    What is this? Footloose, DC style? WTF????????