Friday, July 31, 2009

This Is The Type Of Health Care Rhetoric Obama Should Of Used At His Press Conference

The video below could be the first real salvo in the fight that is coming for real health care reform in America. Obama's new video from organizing for America raises the rhetorical bar to that of a full fledged political campaign.

The recent delays in Congressional committees have been interpreted by the main stream press as a victory for the forces of status quo, the insurance and health industry forces who want to kill any real reform. In fact that is how they killed it in 1994. It buys them more time to demonize reform and run millions of dollars in anti-reform ads hoping to only confuse us more. They think that the devil we know is better then the devil we don't know.

I am reasonably sure that the President knew this could or would happen and is now ready to take them on using the same tactics that got him elected president in the first place. Taking the message to the people outside the other Washington and framing it into a higher and more compelling goal.

Most pundits I've heard gave Obama low marks on his recent health care presser. He was like a college professor trying to explain the inside baseball aspects of the particular parts of what reform of health care would really look like. Unfortunately many Americans probably grabbed the clicker and switched over to shit for brains Glen Beck. Then of course, the presentation went completely south when it got sidetracked on the Gates arrest media feeding frenzy thing.

I think most Americans with a brain realize that health care needs reforming, but get lost when you get into he weeds with them on the details. This latest video I think returns the debate to a level that most Americans will better understand.

Are you ready to join in the fight? Because if your not health care reform it probably a goner. Just freaking die.

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