Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran We hear Your Cry For Freedom!

I see the battle taking place in Iran as one between generations. The old one who remembers the 1979 uprising and blindly believe in the leaders who came to power in that earlier revolution and, the younger generation that sees the outside world and longs for greater personal freedom and a move away form an autocratic government.

Ironically the older generation always sees its revolution as being different from the one that follows. They suppress and brand the protesters as a "mob" or illegitimate, yet they are no more illegitimate then their generation was when they called for revolution in the past. "don't stand in the doorway don't block up the hall" , as Dylan put it in the song "times they are a changing".

There is a interesting story here about Neda the woman shot dead by a police sniper in the first days of the protests. Her violent death has become a symbol of the brutal suppression of the protests by Iranian authorities. Apparently her own mother is in denial about the responsibility for her death being caused by the those in power.“That’s what comes from pouring into the streets,” the mother is quoted as saying in the story. In the same story her brother talks of the disconnect between the older and younger generation in present day Iran.

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