Thursday, June 11, 2009

Right Wing Media Enabling Racists Extremists And Lunatic Fringe

The ex-wife of James von Brunn, the racist nut who shot up the holocaust museum in Washington, DC yesterday, says she divorced him because he was totally consumed with hatred for Jews and "Negros" that “ate him alive like a cancer”.

How the heck can one be so fucking hateful and not be call on it by someone. Maybe it's because most of these nuts feel justified by what the right wing media passes off as news these days. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC thought it quite comical at the time that the Department of Homeland Security report indicated that right wing extremist groups and individuals posed a terror treat to the US. He remains to this day one of the biggest dumbshits on cable TV.

Hey Joe now that we've had the Tiller murder and the holocaust shooting, both by right wing crazies, what do you think of that DHS report now?

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  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Maybe we should follow Cheney's advise, torture a few of these idiots.
    The last time a Democrat was President the largest act of domestic terrorism occurred, and there were more active armed militia groups than anytime in our history. They are going to be even more extreme with a black President who has a funny sounding name.