Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Incoherent American Foreign Policy Out of Control Under Bush Cheney And Rice

I've attempted to compile a list of the major areas of world instability.
  • Iran US threatens World War III if Iranians don't do as Cheney says in saber rattling speaches
  • Afghanistan Fragile government under renewed attacks by Taliban
  • Pakistan Butto assassination attempt hinders hope of return to democracy and containing Al Qaeda
  • Israel all parties at least agree that they expect peace talks to fail
  • Russia US insistence on missile defense system block diplomatic progress and influence over Putin's centralization of power
  • Syria US has little influence over rogue state due to isolation policy resulting in lack of any meaningful diplomatic exchange
  • Britain seeking way to distance itself from Bush's Iraq war policies
  • European Union baffled by lack of coherent American foreign policy
  • China Asian giant owns America
  • Myanmar Distracted America apparently can do little to stop drug running and brutal Burmese junta
  • Cuba Bush offers no new approach to Cuba even as end of Castro era nears
  • Turkey America ready to bomb Kurdish rebels in widening war in Iraq
  • Canada Uncomfortable with treatment of it's citizens by US in name of war on terror and dislike of cowboy policies
  • Mexico US offers billions to Mexico for war on drugs instead of addressing the demand side in US while open borders problem continues after leadership unable to deliver coherent long term immigration policy
  • South America radical influence of Hugo Chaves in Venezuela and others grows as he joins with Iranians and threatens to support them and impose sanctions on oil and goods if US attacks
  • North Korea Bush claims success limiting nuclear arms but evidence exists that Korea help Syria with clandestine program
  • Darfur Peace talks fail as US can do little militarily with army stretched to breaking point

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