Friday, October 05, 2007

Fake Elvis Profits From Kennedy Assasination In Big D

Down here in Dallas the sweat is running off my forehead in the 90-degree heat. Just a few days ago I was sitting on my porch on Vashon Island watching a downpour in a hailstorm thinking oh yeah it’s time for winter. Well it sure seems like it’s summer here still.

I’m retired and unencumbered so when a friend suggested we fly down to Dallas for the weekend I said why not it be nice to see the big D while there’s still time. We also both have a couple of friends that happen to be here right now. We all had one thing in common in that we all quit drinking and drugging at about the same time many years ago in Seattle. We all are still sober today and everyone is doing real well too. Goes to show you that some of the recovery stuff does work. It's not all bullshit like some say. But I don’t mean to sound preachy. Your experience may be different then mine.

I don’t know anything anyway, which is really the big revelation.

My buddy Al is a decorative art designer and dealer. He got married and had a redheaded kid then moved to Dallas. Sells his stuff in all the big retail chain stores. It all about volume I guess. Goes to China all the time to handle the manufacturing end of it. Michael a highend pot and pan salesman extraordinaire who works only three months a year at events like the State Fair of Texas and makes more money then most people working the full 12 months do. Travels the world the rest of the year volunteering his time to improve child literacy. He one of those guys you see hawking stuff in a pavilion at one of the hundreds of fairs all around the country. It really more theater then sales and it’s fascinating to watch him work. Bob is in the construction business in Seattle and believes in giving all his money and stuff away whenever possible. He says you always get back three times what you give away, he says it’s one of the spiritual rules. I don’t quite understand that, but that’s not important. He likes to give those guys who stand at the freeway off ramps cartons of cigarettes just to see the looks on their faces. But sometimes he just gives them a ten or a twenty when he doesn’t have cigarettes. Goes to show you that those folks do make money I guess.

Everybody is a lot more useful it appears these days then when we first meet. God we were a bunch of freaking millstones around the neck of the world and everybody else who happened to come into contact with us back then. It all seemed so black and hopeless back then. We all changed a bit you could definitely say. But we actually had no choice.

We have been driving around Dallas. We went to Daley plaza to see were Kennedy was shot. There was a fake Elvis guy there named Ray playing songs and passing his hat. We took pictures of us hiding in the bushes on the grassy knoll and a couple with the fake Elvis and us together. We all shared our personal Kennedy conspiracy theories with each other over coffee afterwards. I think mine made the most sense. Everybody knows the Teamsters had him killed because Bobby and Hoffa hated each other so much.

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