Friday, December 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Geeks Continue Work To Build Independent Internet Networks

As SOPA works it way through the Congress the need for more independent, secure and unfettered wireless networks is obvious to protesters and anyone else with half a brain. Given the role the internet plays in organizing protest here and around the world, it's obvious that any restrictions on internet access serve as a direct attack on individual freedom of association and speech. The modern internet in effect has become the public square that needs to be occupied.

One of the projects that sprung up at Zuccotti Park in New York was the Free Network Foundation. Basically they're a group of Occupy Wall Street geeky protesters who built an independent network within the park that provided secure internet access to the protesters camp there. Based on the success of that project the goal now is to create global independent networks everywhere. 
"We are the Free Network Foundation - builders and advocates of distributed and decentralized communication systems. We believe that the Internet should be used to connect people, not to spy on them, oppress them, or turn a profit. We envision technologies that will transform the network into something owned and operated by humanity itself, rather than by governments or profit-driven corporations."

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