Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pass The Beano - Goldy's Gas Problem Also Points To Depletion and Contamination Of Seafood Supply

I'm a Pescatarian, meaning I don't eat red meat, only seafood. Therefore it was a double whammy with Goldy's post this morning on Slog about his gas problem that he believes may of been caused by contaminated chicken and this related story in the Everett Herald about what local seafood should only be eaten in moderation because of contamination.

Goldy makes a worthwhile point that unless something is done about protecting our food supply, and I'd add reducing pollution, over fishing and corporate farming methods, we'll all have a bigger problem then just indigestion. By the way, reducing your intake of meat, including chicken, helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions and in the long run is probably better for your overall health.

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