Monday, January 17, 2011

Palin Likes Running Off Her All American God Fearing Trailer Trash Mouth

She still doesn't get it.

A New York Times reader comments on a story about Palin's speech in response to the Arizona shootings:
"It's not "blood libel" if one correctly points out Palin's past allusions to violence, the sneering touting of a gun culture as being the utter definition of a real American and the symbols of that culture being superimposed on political targets by her - including Gabby Giffords.
She wants it both ways.
When the entire persona she projects is wrapped up in the condescending nastiness she deeply represents and someone finally goes off, she rejects being linked to it on any intellectual level. It's just the act of a lone crazy gunman.
Sorry, Sarah. No hall pass for you. You've got your freedom of speech and your followers, now live in the world you have helped create. Sure, it's not pretty and you don't like being "tarred" - but there are a lot of unarmed people in this country who don't want to be shot because of what they think or who they are. I think you call them liberals."
"calm down it's only a surveyor's mark"

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