Saturday, August 08, 2009

Crazy for God Author On Town Hall Hooligans... "The Election Broke Their Brains"

The video below I think this is one of the most precise and insightful interviews I seen on TV about what is going on behind the hooliganism and violence we see at town halls across the country and what part talk radio and to a certain extent the religious right are playing.

It's a violence prone and dangerous gambit.

He points out the people showing up at the meetings are white people who are not well informed or educated who have bought into the lies about the health care system and reform. "The election broke their brains".
The people showing up and closing down any real discussion are mainly pawns in a elaborate right wing game. Many of them have been dupped into doing something that isn't good for their own personal interest.

Appearing on Rachel Maddow show on Friday Frank Schaeffer, a co-founder with his father Francis Schaeffer of the modern evangelical movement and author of the best seller Crazy for God, stresses that the right has crossed the line by associating Obama with Hitler.

They are "un-American, and want the country to fail." He also points out that he thinks the right wing talkers like Beck and Limbaugh and others are "bad Americans" who are, "leaving a loaded gun on the table and saying the first person who comes along who wants to use this, be our guest". Schaeffer denounces the right for fermenting hatred and facilitating the phony rage and shout down battles that block the real debate on health care reform policies. Their goal is only to stop reform. It's not really about reform of the health care system at all but a violence promoting attempt to maintain the power of the insurance companies and health industry.

Ironically, he believes the tactics used by the right and the corporate backers of the hooligans are akin to the brown shirts of Nazi Germany. A minority who used many of the same tricks to break up popular political meetings and suppress dissent in Germany in the late 1930's.
It's the pot calling the kettle black.

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