Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A New Practical Party Instead of the Republican Party Perhaps

I say woe to the left if someone could put together a political party that supported a mix between the best of libertarian thinking (not ideology) while also supporting practical efficient and needed basic government services to citizens. I think the Democrats would have their hands full. One of the best things about Obama has been his basic belief in doing what works, not necessarily doing what ideologues in his party or the other want.

Jesse Ventura the ex wrestler and former Governor of Minnesota, who appeared on CNN last night, seems to also be interested in doing what works when it comes to politics. As we all know by now Ventura is an interesting character and definitely a man's man type of fellow who is unbowed by the typical rhetoric from both the left of right.

I admire his ability to think for himself and not just blindly go with the flow like most ideologues and idiots do on both the right and the left. He got me thinking, especially in the light of the pending demise of the Republican Party who’s old angry white guy theme seems to be headed nowhere or the a left wing led Congress with the likes of go with the flow Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi or more Republican than Democratic Democrats

If independent populist reformers and libertarians like Ventura every completely got over their fear of government and its intervention in the lives of common people when necessary to provide basic public services we'd probably have something. I think they would be a formidable political force and the alternative to the present day no idea Republicans or the obstructing right wing Democratic types.

Let's call it the Practical Party. A new party that would be willing to be open minded enough to support a national health care program, for instance, or see the benefit of social security for the elderly. Or be open to things like federally mandated worker protections and unions. Or stop interfering in marriage rights of its citizens or interjecting religion into politics. Or make it a policy to curtail American propensity for xenophobia and militarism.

Instead of just the ideological of every man or woman for himself or no tax anti government of any type that pervade most of the right wing types or the equally frustrating lemming like lefties that toe the party line even when it's not working or practical. I'm talking a hybrid here, so let's simply forget the use of too many labels.

Admittedly Ventura has never been one to follow any one ideology. He seems more interested in practical solutions to the problems at hand and solutions that offer the least amount of government intervention into the private affairs of citizens. He wants to decriminalize drugs, create rapid transit and rail, and prosecutes Cheney and anyone else involved in torture, get organized religion out of politics and on and on. He supports same sex marriage civil unions and many things most liberals, lefties and libertarians would agree with.

He now is living in Mexico part time and as he said "off the grid". He claims he watches no TV anymore and instead does lots of reading and surfing. If nothing else he is definitely an original and one has to admire him for that. Here is the interview from Larry King last night.

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