Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Ten Days Before Baby Jesus's Birthday Windstorm of 2006" Entry Overlooked By Jewish Lobby Influenced Bureaucrats In Windstorm Naming Contest

What the hell happened to the separation of church and state when it comes to government agencies these days or how lame is "Hanukkah Eve Wind Storm of 2006" anyway? I wonder what role the Jewish lobby played in this.

Oh yes this was the best name that our National Weather Service could come up with in naming the storm that hit the Northwest on December 14th 2006 even after shifting through 6255 entries.

For god sake haven't we suffer enough?

To think that we may be stuck with this stupid storm moniker forever is troubling. This is a total screwup on the part of the National Weather Service Bureaucrats as far as I'm concerned. Especially given all the great and very funny names that were submitted. All of them secular in nature and better then what ended up being the actual winner.

Just ask yourself this simple question, do you think that Hanukkah is what comes to mind when MOST people think about the December storm. Can't be.

Some examples anyone of which would of been a better choice:

Firewood for the Next 10 Years Storm. Overtime for Utility Workers Storm. I Can't Find My Inflatable Santa Storm. Chainsaw Massacre. Bouillabaisse Day Storm. Blowzilla. I Hate My Neighbor Because He Has Power Storm. Why I Lived in Southern California Storm. Party's Canceled Storm. Stephen T. Colbert Wind Storm of Truthiness. When the Evergreens Got Mad Storm. It Wasn't Such a Wonderful Life Storm. Incompetent Utilities Storm. There's No Place Like a Dark Home for the Holidays Storm. Lawn Chair Launcher Storm. Kiss Your 80-Year-Old Tree Goodbye Storm. Douglas Firs Are Shallowly Rooted Storm. Columbian Blow. Hey, Buddy, Can You Spare a Presto Log Storm. A Sliver of Armageddon. Chief Sealth's Revenge.

This proves that the government and probably this region has lost it's sense of humor. I must admit I have a hidden agenda here because I did send in several suggestions. One ended up a finalist "The Ides of December Storm". Apparently a suggestion that several other contestants also offered. Great minds think alike. My personal favorite and one I sent in was "Nostradamus Birthday Storm" which I thought the scientific bureaucrats bookworm types would especially like. But no.

I'm calling for a investigation and a lawsuit that will force the National Weather Service to resend it choice based on a violation of the separation of church and state provisions of our constitution and also because the name isn't funny enough and is totally lame ass.

If their allowed to get away with this it is a slippery slope we live on that will lead to lots of windstorms in the future being named after other religious festivals. Who knows " The Black History Month and Kwanzaa Storm" "The Saint Patrick's Day Big Blow" "Ten Days Before Baby Jesus's Birthday Storm" could be in your future.

How and why the hell should we have to explain these religious oriented names for windstorms to our kids and future generation when they ask what the heck it suppose to mean anyway?

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